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Introducing: the Beamanka

Beamanka is a powerful, affordable, and easy to install clamping solution for steel-to-steel connections, which works both as a temporary solution or for long term access safety. 

We have worked directly with fall protection installers and distributors for decades, providing the products our clients need for their customers when they need them. 

Beamanka is a powerful clamping solution that requires zero welding or penetration. The innovative design makes it a much more robust and efficient alternative to traditional clamping methods. 

Why should you choose Beamanka?

Rigidanka Solo

No-Tools Installation

Beamanka’s simple design eliminates the need for hot works and welding. The system can be easily installed with standard tools, and on-site adjustments can be made without special training. 

Save Money and Effort

The costs for traditional steel to steel connections can mount up quickly, with skilled labour, welding permits, and adjustment costs adding to the bill. The simple yet effective design of Beamanka minimises these costs and keeps work moving. 

Rigidanka Duo
Rigidanka Trio

Beamanka Product

A typical Beamanka assembly consists of a plate inserted between two steel sections. An upper set of Beamanka components clamp down on the lower flange while a lower set works oppositely, creating a firm clamp.

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