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Introducing: Kee Track Rigid Rail

One of our most popular fall arrest solutions, the Kee Track Rigid Rail safety system, provides fall protection solutions in environments that require short arrest distances. 

 Supporting up to 4 users, with the minimum ground clearance, Kee Track Rigid Rail is an ideal choice for safety when working at height both inside and outside your construction workplace.  

 Specifications include: 

  • Rails can be designed to custom lengths.  The typical maximum length to fit on a truck is about 40’. 
  • Options available for both indoor and outdoor use  
  • Rigid Rail can be curved to extend as small as 24.” 
  • Limited deflection, which means limited free-fall 
  • Suitable for up to 4 users. It requires a minimum ground clearance of 6 ft.  

 In addition to minimum deflection rates, these fall protection systems are more suitable than HLLs for accommodating multiple users. 

Why should you choose the Rigid Rail?


Kee Track Rigid Rail offers versatile, customizable options to configure to your specific requirements.  

The fully modular design of our rail safety systems ensures the trolley always stays overhead, even with retractable lifelines exceeding 85’ in length. Its capability to facilitate curves and intersections maximizes safety while supporting increased user productivity. 

Made to Last

We’re proud to design, manufacture and install fall safety solutions that stand the test of time. We utilize technology and techniques which ensure the durability of all our Rigid Rail products resulting in years of maintenance-free use.  

All Kee Track components are galvanized for added durability and corrosion control, and the Teflon wheels do not damage the coating. 

The enclosed track design prevents the build-up of dust, debris, ice, and snow, allowing the rigid rail system to function appropriately both indoors and outdoors. 

Rigid Rail Options

Trolley Systems 

These fall protection systems can often used in conjunction with existing overhead I-Beams. Where existing I-Beams are not the proper location for a fall arrest system or where the current structure is not strong enough to support a fall protection system, we can also erect new structural steel.

Rigid Track

Rigid rail systems provide the ultimate movement along both the horizontal and vertical planes. Often referred to as a rigid track or rigid rail fall arrest system, these systems feature enclosed tracks equipped with travellers. By connecting a self-retracting lifeline to the traveller, and the SRL to the dorsal ring of a body harness, a worker, can safely travel the entire span of the track with continuous tie-off.


Clamps directly onto new or existing structural steel using patented and proprietary BeamClamp® steel-to-steel connectors. Ideal for roof applications where access is limited to one side only. The standard Bolt-On range fits most common beam sizes. Best suited to retrofit but can be used in new builds.

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