Multi-Purpose Anchor

Introducing: the Rigidanka

With falls from a height, one of the biggest causes of fatal construction injuries in the UK, reliable, customisable and adequately approved rooftop safety solutions are vital to meeting strict health and safety requirements and keeping your workers safe.

Why should you choose Rigidanka?

Rigidanka Solo

Rigidanka Solo

This anchor design has been specifically created for single user fall arrest scenarios up to 140kgs. Great as a solution for Horizontal Lifeline systems such as KeeLine®.  

The Rigidanka Solo is designed and tested for 21kN and is suitable for dual rope access. 

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Rigidanka Duo

The Duo Plate anchor post has been expertly designed to pair anchor points for rope access technicians. Designed and tested for 29kN, Rigidanka can quickly orientate to any direction required, and attachment devices can be removed effortlessly for inspection.  

 The Rigidanka Duo is more cost effective and reliable than BMU’s. 

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Rigidanka Duo
Rigidanka Trio

Rigidanka Trio

Modified to combine the Solo & Duo Rigidanka into one single anchor plate, the Rigidanka Trio includes all the specifications and ingenuity of our Rigidanka anchor point range, with the benefit of:

  • Flexible orientation to any direction required.  
  • Maximum weight distribution  

The Duo & Trio Rigidanka Plates are fixed to the anchor post with the patented BoxBolt.  

We also offer custom design and manufacturing services for those anchoring installations that may require different sizes and solutions. 

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Various Fixing Methods

Bolt Around

Great for retrofit applications, particularly where welding is not appropriate. These anchors bolts around steel, concrete or wood structures using connector rods and a backer plate. For concrete deck applications, use through-bolts.

Resin Fixed

Like the Bolt Around fixtures, these replace the need for welding by fastening onto concrete roof slabs using chemically cured epoxy adhesive fasteners. Suitable for a minimum grade C25 and 200mm thickness.


These are ideal for roof applications where access is limited to one side only. They clamp directly onto new or existing structural steel using patented and proprietary BeamClamp® steel-to-steel connectors. The standard Bolt-On range fits the most common beam sizes. Best suited to retrofit but can be used in new builds.

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