Deadweight Anchor

Introducing: the Weightanka

Collective working at height need not be concerned with the CE Approved Weightanka® Portable Deadweight Anchor device. 

Combining short term flat roof safety with flexible, modular components, Weightanka® is compact, portable, and easy to assemble. 

This anchor has been specifically designed to provide short term safety for low-frequency operations where collective protection is not provided.  

Specifications include: 

  • Suitable for flat roofs up to 5-degree pitch  
  • Modular components for flexibility 
  • Easy to lift and carry  
  • Set 2.5m from a potential fall hazard.  
  • Suitable for wet weather 
  • Ensures the maximum arresting force does not exceed 6kN. 
  • It weighs 250Kg, with no single component weighing more than 25Kg.  
  • The weights included built-in carry handles for improved manual handling. 

The Weightanka® is fully galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 and includes Galvanised Coatings Specification and test methods and are designed to be left on the roof permanently, even in harsh weather conditions. 

Weightanka® is great for roof-level equipment, such as AC units, telecommunications equipment, etc. 

Why should you choose Weightanka?

Central Pedestal Design

Weightanka® both utilise a central pedestal that allows for the lanyard's attachment, raising the height at which the arrest force is applied. The central anchor device is then installed via a karabiner to a fall protection lanyard. The lanyard is attached to the user via their whole body harness compliant with EN 361. 

Modular Lanyard Length

The safe system of work will determine the specification of the lanyard required. If a connection to the system and the lanyard length prevents the user from reaching the fall hazard, the user is classed as working in work/fall restraint. In this situation, the user should use a fixed-length lanyard compliant with EN 354. 

Fully Compliant

We recognise that working at height comes with many essential health and safety restrictions, which must be closely adhered to. All our products are designed, tested and approved for optimum safety. Weightanka® conforms to Type E EN 795:1997 and is approved to meet the PPE Directive so that you can be sure of the best short term rooftop safety.

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