Steel to Steel

Introducing: the BeamClamp

BeamClamp is an extensive range of steel-to-steel clamping safety solutions designed for seamless connection from steel to steel without invasive techniques such as welding or drilling.  

This system is an excellent solution for sites where power is limited or where minimal damage to the protective coating of the steelwork is preferred.

Features Include:  

  • Steel to steel connection alternative to welding, drilling or bolting 
  • Third-party approval (Lloyds & DIBt) 
  • No special tools or skilled labour required 
  • Guaranteed 5 to 1 Factor of Safety 
  • Easy to adjust onsite 
  • No weakening of existing steelwork 
  • No damage to the structure  
  • Hot dipped galvanised 

Why should you choose BeamClamp?


BeamClamp Suspension

BeamClamp Suspension design provides a solution for suspending building services from existing structures using a threaded bar and hanging wire systems from it. 

BeamClamp Steelwork Fittings

Our range of BeamClamp for steel-to-steel fittings ensures quick and easy bolts adjustment through a simple loosen, adjust and retighten mechanism. No specialist tools are required.


BeamClamp Fittings

Floor fix

Expertly designed for Chequer/Durbar plate flooring.


A heavy-duty fixing designed for Chequer/Durbar plate flooring for applications such as machine shops and pedestrian walkways. A thoroughly tested floor fitting allows for steelwork erection tolerances of +/-6mm.

Grating Clip

This is our most economical solution for securing open steel grating. The Grating Clip can be fixed from the top side only.


A powerful method of fixing down grating and is tested by TUV for vibration. This solution is used for short sections of grating requiring a high clamping force to resist movement.

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