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Introducing: the KeeLite

Get the best of both worlds with our robust, durable, yet lightweight safety solution where safety railings are required.  

Made from a high-grade aluminium silicon magnesium alloy, Kee Lite fittings are robust, light, and durable, making them versatile and easy to install safe access solutions for all environments.   

Benefits of KeeLite: 

  • Strong yet lightweight  
  • No specialist tools required  
  • Corrosion-resistant  Manufactured with high-grade aluminium silicon magnesium alloy 
  • Innovative technology means one-third the weight of our iron components, with about 75% of comparable tensile strength. 
  • Colour coating option available. 

 KeeLite fittings are available in more countries, more styles, more sizes, and more colours than any other brand of structural fitting. 

Why should you choose the KeeLite?

Keelite Fitting

Lightweight and Long Lasting

Kee Lite fittings are made to move and made to last. High-grade Aluminium Silicon Magnesium Alloy KeeLite offers a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and robust alternative to heavier tubular structures.

Easy Assembly

Save time and effort during installation with a standard hex key assembly. Our design removes the need for specialist labour or tools and is made to quickly dismantle or redesign for additional locations.

Keelite Fitting
Keelite Fitting


Kee Lite aluminium fittings are affordable, time-saving and long-lasting. Their innovative, adaptable design means you can spend more time and money on what you do best.

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