Dubar and Plated Gratings

Why choose British Standard Gratings’:

Dubar Pattern Flooring

British Standard Gratings’ Dubar Pattern flooring is perfect for applications where a solid floor is required; British Standard Gratings will detail and fabricate panels of durbar pattern / chequer plate.

The standard thicknesses available from British Standard Gratings are 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12.5mm, determined by the required load and the unsupported span of the support structure.

Applications include platforms, stair treads, landings, trench covers, and other applications where a solid walking surface is required.

There are four main types available with load bearing bars at 41mm or 30mm centres; and transverse bars at 100mm or 50mm. A range of close mesh gratings is also available.

Plated Gratings

British Standard Gratings’ plated gratings provide the designer with the strength and span capabilities of open steel flooring but with a solid platform surface.
This is generally constructed from a substructure of open type flooring with 3mm or 5mm thick bearing bars and depths to suit the required span and loading criteria.

A dubar or plain plate is welded onto the top surface which has the effect of drastically increasing the strength.

Advantages of  Dubar or Plated Gratings:

  • Greater unsupported spans requiring less supports
  • 35% to 50% of the weight of a conventional solid equivalent
  • 250% stronger and 600% stiffer than Durbar plate
  • Reduced overall cost

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