Forgewelded Gratings

Why choose British Standard Gratings’ Forgewelded Gratings:

British Standard Gratings’ forgewelded gratings are manufactured using the most advanced forgewelding method, a procedure whereby the simultaneous application of electric current and hydraulic pressure is applied to each joint thus producing a one-piece construction.

The Gratings are constructed from load bearing bars, with flat bars on the edge and held in position with twisted transverse bars. The load bearing capability of a grating is determined by the size of the load bearing bar, the pitch of these bars and the centre to centre dimension.

Four main types are available with load bearing bars at 41mm or 30mm centres and transverse bars at 100mm or 50mm. A range of close mesh gratings is also available.

Advantages of  Forgewelded Gratings:

  • Compliant to British & European standards
  • Can be supplied as stock panels or fully fabricated to your need
  • Quality fabrication manufactured to BS EN 1090
  • No corrosion traps around joints
  • Allows shaping without loss of strength
  • Storage PhotoLoad gratings are available plain or serrated
  • Allows passage of heat, light, water & Ice

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Plain Grating
Serrated Grating
Serrated Grating
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Grating Clip

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