Single Gate

Pedestrian Safety Gates

Introducing: the Single Gate

No space is too small to protect with our Single Safety Gates.  

If your site is looking for the best safety solution to fit tighter openings up to 1 metre wide, the Single Gate range is for you.  

These fully adjustable safety gates are designed to be self-closing, easy to install and extensively tested for safe use in rooftop or industrial environments.  

Benefits include:  

  • Supplied 1 metre wide  
  • Fully adjustable - can be cut to size on-site 
  • Spring-loaded, so it will automatically close  
  • Compliant with Work at Height Regulations, EN14122-3:2016  
  • Meet test requirements of EN13374.  
  • Mounts easily to existing structures such as handrail systems and roof edge protection systems. 

Why should you choose the Single Gate?

Fully Compliant

Rest assured your workers are protected from safety hazards. We design, test and continuously evaluate our self-closing safety gates. Our gates come accredited and tested for optimum safety and sustainability.

Double Gates Available

Do you require a safety gate for larger spaces? Explore our range of Double Gates to meet safety requirements for openings up to 1.8m wide. We also supply Double Self-Closing Safety Gates openings exceeding 1m wide.

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