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Introducing: the Traffic Pallet

Our Pallet Gates have been designed to offer a sturdy, flexible and easy assemble safe access solution for work in warehouses and factories.  

Designed with worker safety in mind, our Pallet Gates solutions are made for those loading and unloading pallets, especially onto mezzanine floors and raised surfaces. 

Our range of Pallet Gates provides permanent protection for openings where access is required for pallets or other materials.  

Features Include:  

  • Compliant with EN 14122-3 
  • Available in galvanised steel or aluminium 
  • Tested up to 50,000 openings  
  • Fully adjustable in width 
  • Made to fit spaces up to 1.8m wide.  
  • Includes TUV approved components  

The gates have been explicitly designed to provide a retrofit solution to existing guardrails or barriers requiring opening protection. 

Why should you choose the Traffic Pallet?

Easy Installation

Avoid time-consuming installation and maintain productivity with our easy to install safety gates. All pallet gates are made to easily connect to any supporting structure with fittings directly fixed to the existing guardrail or mechanically/chemical fixed to the masonry or concrete structure. 

Made To Last

We are proud to design, manufacture and install products that stand the test of time. Our Pallet Gates are salt spray tested for corrosion resistance to ensure continuous operation in corrosive environments. Our safety solutions are easily repaired should damage, reducing the time taken away from doing what you do best.

Fully Compliant

Rest assured, all our Pallet Gates meet British Safety Standards, providing long term protection on mezzanine or raised working surfaces. Compliant with EN 14122-3, our mezzanine pallet safety gates have been vigorously tested today and for years to come.  

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