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Why Choose Our Handrails?

Decades of experience manufacturing and supplying quality safety handrails means we know how to keep your workers safe from at height hazards. 

Our extensive range of handrailing systems combine years of knowledge, innovative design and state of the art hot-dipped galvanised steel to offer robust safety solutions that will stand the test of time.  

Our fully compliant handrails are available fully fabricated for quick delivery, or modular configurable to suit your specific safety needs.  

All handrails offer impeccable safety, and easy installation reducing the need for specialist training or tools which can delay getting the work done.   

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Handrail Solutions

Fabricated Ball Standards

All Ball Standards consist of a Ball-type handrail to create a complete handrail safety system and are easy to install and dismantle to fit multiple applications. 
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Fabricated Handrail Bends

Our Handrail Bends come in a wide variety of materials, finishes and sizes from stock or custom made
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Vertical Bar Infills

Our range of Vertical Bar Infills is designed to provide a robust handrail safety solution that is easy to install and adapt for a variety of handrailing applications.
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Handrail Accessories

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Modular Uprights

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Modular DDA

Our accessible handrails are quick and easy to install, providing a fast, safe access solution to secure your premises. There’s no need for specialist tools or welding; the DDA hand-railing system is easy to assemble with an Allen key.
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Rooftop Defender

Our Defender rooftop guardrail is ideal for most flat roofs, offering safe and compliant collective protection. Defender edge protection protects anyone accessing roofs from falling over the edge, no matter the task or training.
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KeeGuard Topfix

Our easy to install Topfix Guardrail provides a practical, robust and long-standing roof edge safety solution for standing and metal seam roofs up to 45-degree pitch.
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KeeGuard Premium

KeeGuard® Premium provides an innovative approach to freestanding, non-penetrative rooftop railing systems – quick to install and made to last.
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keeguard premium

Kee Dome

Kee Dome Handrailing system provides collective fall protection for skylights, roof lights, and access hatches.
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Temporary Edge Protection

Our free-standing Edge Protection safety systems are an easy-to-install handrail solution for working on all flat roof surfaces up to a 10° slope. 
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Temporary Edge Protection

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