Modular Safety Handrail

Introducing: Modular Uprights

Are you looking for an easy to install handrail system suitable for safe access in public and commercial settings?

Many ramps, walkways, and warehouses present fall hazards that can quickly and easily be avoided by installing quality hand-railing systems.

Our range of modular handrail uprights is manufactured from our own slip-on tubular FastClamp fittings, providing unrivalled protection from slips and falls.

Modular uprights offer a cost-effective and speedy handrail solution in locations with limited time, or site information, reducing the need for time inducing bespoke design.          

Modular Uprights

Why should you choose Modular Uprights?

The Benefits of Uprights

Quick & Easy Installation

Available for next day delivery, our modular uprights and FastClamp fittings are simple to install and adjust, offering fast installation time to save time and money. We pride ourselves on manufacturing safety solutions that require no specialist tools or welding, meaning you can have almost immediate protection for your site.

Made to Last

All our handrail systems and modular fittings are made from durable, corrosion-resistant materials to stand the test of time. Without weather and environmental corrosion, our safety solutions offer a handrail that will keep your workers and pedestrians safe for years to come.


Modular uprights provide the perfect handrail system for various commercial and public environments where fall hazards occur. Suitable for pedestrian walkways, ramps and stairs, warehouses, and for us as machinery guardrails.

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