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Introducing: the Defender

Our Defender rooftop guardrail is ideal for most flat roofs, offering safe and compliant collective protection. Defender edge protection protects anyone accessing roofs from falling over the edge, no matter the task or training. 

While remaining fully compliant with EN 14122 part 3, the Defender system is freestanding, utilising PVC counterweights instead of bolted to the roof surface. 

This retains the roof's integrity and allows the system to be used as both a permanent or temporary roof edge protection solution. 

As a robust, modular collective roof edge protection system for pitches up to a maximum of 3°, this rooftop safety solution is effective without training or specialised equipment.

Why should you choose the Rooftop Defender?

Easy to Install

Easy to Install

Once installed, the Defender Guardrail system protects anyone accessing a roof without additional equipment or training. Sections of the system can be easily replaced if needed. Modular fittings and tube design negate the need for hot works or welding. 

Bespoke Solution

We pride ourselves on supplying safety solutions made for any specification. The modular design means our Defender systems can be designed bespoke to a wide range of flat or near-flat roofs to your customer's needs and loading requirements. 

Temporary Edge Protection
Rooftop Defender

Durable and Long Lasting

Our Defenders have been rigorously tested for safety and compliance with relevant legislation. Their hot-dip galvanised, corrosion-resistant fittings mean the system will remain effective for decades, even in the harshest weather. 

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