Why choose British Standard Gratings’ Heavy Duty Gratings:

British Standard Gratings’  range of heavy duty gratings are produced as a welded construction, with load bearing bars generally at 50mm or 41mm centres and round transverse bars at 100mm, however this range is flexible to suit your specification or loading criteria.

We will design and fabricate heavy duty gratings to suit any requirements. The gratings illustrated below are 140mm deep and used on the Cardiff Bay Barrage, designed to accommodate the largest of heavy goods vehicles.

Heavy Duty Gratings are suitable for all types of abnormal loads or large unsupported spans in many applications including: Bridge Decking, Trench Covers, Jetties, Vehicle Inspection Pits, Grain Intake Run-Over Grids and Screens.

Advantages of  Heavy Duty Gratings:

  • Compliant to British & European standards
  • Fabricated to specification to support vehicular / high level loading
  • Quality fabrication manufactured to BS EN 1090

For more information about our heavy duty gratings, please contact our sales team on 01384 563464, email sales@bsgratings.com, or simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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