Ball Proof Flooring

Safe Access

Introducing: Ball Proof Flooring

Our range of safe access flooring solutions with permanently fixed anchor points is expertly designed for fall arrest support for solo, double and trio workers at height.  

With decades of experience manufacturing quality designed, inspected, and widely used fall arrest solutions, we are confident we can provide the best custom anchor for your needs.  

This open steel flooring is primarily used on permanent working areas and walkways above machinery, where the risk of large objects falling from above is high. 

All our slip-resistant industrial flooring comes in many shapes and sizes to suit various applications within the workplace. Elevated platforms, stairs and walkways are a few prominent examples of where this material is used.

Why should you choose Ball Proof Flooring?

Made to Order

Our Ball Proof Flooring safety solutions can all be designed to meet a range of loadings from minimum maintenance to plant equipment and even higher design loads. They can be supplied entirely fabricated, finished, and galvanised, ready to fit usually within 2/3 weeks. 

Fully Compliant

All our safety solutions are made to comply with strict safety requirements. Our safe access products offer a range of solutions, including perforated flooring products that provide high slip resistance and excellent drainage and comply with the latest British Standards.

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