Safe Access Solution

Introducing: the Ladders

We provide expertly designed, easy to install and fully certified permanently fixed ladders for safe roof access for maintenance or inspection work on roofs. 

Our Safety Ladders offer a long-term solution to existing ladders and can be supplied as caged or uncaged fixed ladders. 

Benefits include: 

  • Choice of bolted or welded application 
  • Compatible with our floor gating and handrail solutions 
  • Option for caged or uncaged ladder 
  • Ships ladders available
  • Constructed in steel, generally to BS 4211.  

Note: The opening at the top of all our ladders should be protected using a self-closing safety gate. 

Why should you choose Ladders?


The Ladders design provides permanent edge protection without mechanically fixing the system through the roofing membrane or building’s structure. 

Fully Compliant

All our Safety Ladders have been designed to meet the EN 14122-4 standard and have been independently tested to check for stringent safety. 

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