Plated Flooring

Safe Access

Introducing: Plated Flooring

Dramatic strength at your feet. Our range of Plated Floor Grates combines the power and capabilities of open steel flooring with a robust platform surface. 

As standard, Plated Flooring is made as open type flooring with 3mm or 5mm thick bearing bars, though you can custom design your required depths to meet your loading criteria. 

Why should you choose Plated Flooring?

Plated Flooring

Fully Certified

All our products are rigorously tested, inspected and certified to comply with strict health and safety regulations. We consider your and your workers' safety in everything we create and are proud to keep you safe from danger. 

Stronger Than Most

Our Plated Flooring access solutions are 35% to 50% of a conventional solid equivalent weight yet 250% stronger and 600% stiffer than Durbar plate 

Plated Flooring

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