Utility Flooring

Safe Access

Introducing: Utility Flooring

Stay steady on your feet and work with confidence on safe utility flooring to keep you and your workers safe from falls or slips.

Our Utility flooring has been expertly designed and manufactured to offer the highest level of slip resistance flooring, suitable for all conditions such as wet, icy and oily surfaces.

It will typically be used on ground level shallow trenches, above water channels in treatment works or paced on solid floors to elevate walking areas from contaminants.

Utility flooring is a lightweight, robust and sustainable flooring solution that provides excellent support to keep you fast and light on your feet.

Why should you choose Utility Flooring?

Benefits of Utility Flooring

Fully Compliant

Rest assured we take your safety seriously. To ensure our utility flooring meets the strictest safety standards, it has been designed according to British Standard BS4592-1:2006 and European Standard BS EN ISO 14122-2-2016.

Versatile & Accessible

This range of Utility Flooring is versatile and offers a great alternative to any application that does not require more secure, smaller grate solutions such as ballproof flooring.

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