Temp Edge Protection

 Manufactured to the highest

quality using the most state of the art technology

Why Choose Our Temporary Edge Protection?

In conjunction with major Steel Construction Companies, British Standard Gratings have developed a low cost, effective temporary edge protection system.

Our Component parts are:

  • 33.7mm diameter 2 ball uprights, “sticks”
  • Multiball upright when 3 or more rails are required
  • Standard lengths of 33.7mm diameter tube for site running
  • 42.4mm diameter sockets for welding or bolting to the structure
  • Kick flat/toe board clamps
  • Steel or GRP toe board
  • Sleeve joints and 90-degree elbows
  • Hook on mesh panels with integral kick flat
  • Assembled frames comprise

The Benefits of our Temporary Edge Protection

    • Significant cost savings
    • Available in kit form or assembled frames
    • Simple and rapid installation

For more information about our temporary edge protection system, please contact our sales team on 01384 563464, email sales@accesssafetyproducts.co.uk, or simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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